Monday, January 5, 2009


Guildmaster: Tantalizing Stitches
El has always loved animals. Her first memorable moments with animals was with her Japanese Grandmother's little dog and her English Grandmother's big poodle and cat. El eventually inherited her Grandmother's cat Tiffany when her Grandmother decided to move to Idaho. But even before Tiffany, there was Candy, her own first pet who sadly disappeared.

El's fondness for animals remains her central passion of her online store Bag Making Supplies at Tantalizing Stitches. Although not themed towards animals, 5% of sales are donated to animal charity.

Blog Columnist and Membership Committee
: Bags and More by Pam
Pam is a retired elementary teacher and administrator; has a passion for family, pets, and crocheting; wife (for 50 years now!); mother of two daughters and one son; grandmother to two girls and one boy; likes books by David Baldacchi, Iris Johannsen, Patricia Cornwell, James Patterson, Nora Roberts; likes movies: spy thrillers on the order of Jason Bourne, and touch your heart movies such as Sleepless in Seattle!; favorite TV show  NCIS with Mark Harmon; and has a crochet store on Artfire and on a couple of other venues.

Pam's blog column can be found here.

Google Group Liaison
: Jennifer Lynn Productions
Jennifer is a life-long animal and art lover.  The homes she grew up in were often full to the brim with both.  As Jennifer grew up and made her way in the world, her family fully supported and encouraged her in both her art and her animal welfare pursuits.  Animals remain a big part of Jennifer's life today:  She shares her home with 8 rescued cats!
Jennifer donates several of her items to animal-related causes every year.

Membership Committee: DLM Designs by Sandy
Sandy has always had a love for animals and for designing.  Starting at the ripe old age of 9, Sandy was an avid member of her local 4-H club where she raised rabbits. From there, her animal  clan grew over the years to 6 rabbits, 2 cats, 2 hamsters, 3 dogs and 1 goldfish and 1 canary!  Her Dad instilled in her the love for animals while her Mom is the one who inspired her creative side!  Sewing didn't sit very well with Sandy but designing and creating all styles of jewelry did!  These 2 loves are what have now created DLM Designs by Sandy.  A percentage of all her sales are donated to her local animal shelter in memory of her twin sister Susan and her beloved beagle Daisy Mae.  It is in their memory that DLM Designs continues to give back to animals everywhere.

Featured Member Curator and Blog ColumnistSleepy Cat Designs
Debra is a retired medical transcriptionist who has been crafting for over 40 years, starting with making Barbie doll clothes when she was a kid. 

Sewing is her first love, but she has dabbled in all kinds of crafts since then and loves to make all sorts of things. She enjoys making luxurious all-natural soaps as special gifts for friends and loved ones. Many of them are in a cat design because she loves cats, but she is also crazy about hummingbirds, dolphins, and butterflies. 

Her admiration for all living things is a result of being brought up in a family with many pets for as long as she can remember including turtles, cats, dogs, finches, and rabbits. 

She now has one cat named Chester whom she adopted from a local no-kill shelter 5-1/2 years ago. Debra continues to support that shelter, as well as other organizations dedicated to helping animals of all kinds.

Facebook Liason: A Dying Art Co.
Kate's love of animals and art have been a constant throughout her childhood and adult life, thanks to her Irish American families love of all things non-human. Sharing her own house now with 6 rescued furry butts and a very old, very wise turtle, she adores spending her free time watching the little ones, and noticing all of the little intricacies that give each animal their own little mojo. 

Her most recent rescue, a Yorkie/Cairn mix named Dori, has given her a first hand look at the atrocities of puppy mills. Dori spent all of her 5 years in a puppy mill and has only now, 10 months later, begun to be a dog. She barked her first bark and destroyed her first chew thing only two months ago. She's been robbed of 5 years of her life. Animal rights are a big part of Kate's passion and she has donated her art to many animal charities for auction and use as they see fit. She's a bit of a jack of all trades and adores trying new things in art and creation, as well as speaking her mind. The latter is something I'm sure many would wish she'd take a hiatus from. With no such luck.

You can find Kate online at:
And also on Artfire and Etsy under: A Dying Art Co.

Membership Committee: 3 Peeps Designs and 3 Peeps Designs Too
Mona has always had two lifelong love affairs - crafting and pets!  She
shared one dog, Chico, growing up with her sister and brother. Chico is the standard by which all other dogs are measured. She was also  fortunate to have parents that allowed her and her siblings to have a pet frog, a  turtle, a snake, a bird, and many fish. Before she left home to go to college, her father rescued a stray cat, this cat soon had kittens, and they all got to witness the birth of those adorable kittens. Her parents brought two of the cats home with them from the United Kingdom when they returned to the United States (she is an Air Force brat).

Over the years she has had several cats and dogs - some she rescued only to save them from being put to sleep. She later set out to find proper homes for them with someone else - she really believes there is a pet for everyone and enjoys making these matches. She currently shares her home with her husband and two kids and 5 furry animals (2 dogs and 3 cats - all rescues) one fish and one hermit crab.

Mona has lived all over the United States and currently resides in Northwest Arkansas. For job reasons, she and her family have relocated on average every 3 years - much more frequently than when she was living life as an Air Force dependent.  When she isn't homeschooling her two kids or playing with her pets, she is creating. She specializes in Peyote stitch bead weaving, jewelry making, mixed media, bead patterns, mosaics, and making dog beds. She is a self-taught artist, finding inspiration each and every day in the people, animals, and things that surround her. And her new life in the country is opening her eyes to new experiences every day.... her nearest neighbors are cows!

Mona donates completed beadwork to several rescue groups including some wonderful Pit Bull rescue groups (Love-a-bull, Pinups for Pitbulls, etc) and Greyhound rescue groups (TIGR, GALT, etc). You can find out more about her by following her blog.

Membership Committee:OBXPuparazzi
Lisa has been crafting since she was a teenager, and very much into animals since she was young.  She shares an ArtFire studio with her husband, Dave, a disabled veteran and self-taught wood artist.  They currently are owned by 5 rescued Lab mixes, affectionately known as the "Independent Test Labs"!  Both Lisa and Dave are involved with local animal charities, and often work with rescue groups.

We donate our time and items to local groups, and often donate either items or a portion of our sales to other rescue groups.  Lisa's current rescue of choice is Dogs Deserve Better, Inc.

Blog Columnist:Kanweienea Kreations
Gunilla Wachtel is a self-taught artist with a background in science. She works in several different mediums such as airbrush, graphite, watercolor and more. Gunilla loves Newfoundland dogs and her newfie Cleo is an important part of her business.