Monday, January 26, 2009

Meet Our Crafting for Animals Artists!

This week the Crafting for Animals Guild is featuring Cathy from sewstitchedup. Located in Menlo Park, California, Cathy makes a variety of embroidered designs on fabric squares. Especially cute are her animal oriented creations. Most are listed as quilt blocks.

A Bit About Cathy...she is a 45 year old Mother of four girls...Her first dog was given to her when she was two years old. Her name was Pixie, a pomeranian. Cathy has had pets all her life, bringing home strays, and even though her Mother hated it, she would sneak them in and then beg to keep them.

Two of Cathy's dogs...the black dog with the Santa hat was a dog Cathy got when he was a puppy, Woodsy. He lived to be 18 years old...WOW!

The second is this wonderful dog they nicknamed Peanute. She was about to be put down and they took her in from the shelter. Penaute has a wonderful forever home now. That, she says, is very rewarding.

Cathy's work with and for animals... she has done Charity rag quilts as part of a group to donate to animal welfare; has fostered for a local rescue(the Tailchaser Rescue founded in July 2008). Tailchaser Rescue has rescued over 130 animals (cats, dogs, and a few rabbits!) from July - December. You can find them on Cathy says if you ever want to help and feel good about it, ask about fostering a dog, and finding a forever home for can really change that animal's life.

Cathy currently has 5 cats and a Mallinois/mix dog at home. All are rescued from the streets except one. Cathy asks that everyone please spay or neuter your pets; we need to control the pet poplulation.

Cathy's shop... When she first got into embroidery some of the first designs she did were dog designs, and she says she will always be here for the furballs. Be sure to visit her shop at and view all of her creations. For now, here are a just a few of them.

Military Bear in Camo Fatigues

Country Rooster

I Love My Pug

I Love My Dachsund

Set of 6 Baby Girl Sock Monkeys

A Beautiful Pink Butterfly

Little Turtle Among the Cattails

Valentine's Day Sock Monkey

Purple Kitty

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Holly Joy said...

Cathy is sending me that gorgeous heart she makes and I'm going to use in on some of my petwear ;)

Cathy said...

Thank you Holly!! You must take a moment and see her doggie bon bons...they look just like candy!!