Saturday, April 25, 2009

May 2009 Newsletter: Springing Into Action

Hey All!

I hope you all are ready for spring!

This is the time when those animals need your help most as many unwanted pups may be wandering the streets. Please take the time to help them out by volunteering at animal shelters, writing awareness articles about the problem on your blog (or submit an article for our guild blog), and encouraging your family and friends to do the same.

What are you doing for the summer?
Share with your members and our other blog readers by submiting an article about what you are doing to prepare for summer? Any animal care secrets? Fashion trends? Crafting tips? Let us know. Simply contact me (tantalizingstitches) for more details.


I wanted to send a special thanks to LolaLynn, Recupefashion, and BagsandMorebyPam for all the time they have contributed to our guild. Lolalynn updates our membership list on the blog, recupefashion updates our facebook page and BagsandMorebyPam features our members on our blog. There is much more we can do and the projects are small so if you are interested in helping out please contact TantalizingStitches.

I have picked out a few of my favorite items from their shop!

Please provide a warm welcome to our new members: maninthemoonherbs, smiss00, acornalley, leighsarver and TheHouseofMouse. Invite your friends by submitting their username here. That's a total of 37 members! You can also check out items made by our talented members here.

What's Happening at CFA?

Happy spring! El / TantalizingStitches

And for the finale

Some items chosen by the randomizer.....

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Lola Lynn said...

Hi El and CFA. Thanks for featuring Kopper Kitty. I hope to still be part of CFA even though I've had to downgrade my Artfire Studio ( to basic.