Monday, September 7, 2009

Featured Artist

Cherilynne Fine Art

Above is a small collection of the many fabulous watercolor paintings by Cherilynn Wood, our current featured artist. You will love reading about Cherilynn and visiting her shops, blog, and websites.
A Bit About Cherilynn
Cherilynn has had animals in her life since she was born, be it fish, hamsters, guinea pigs, or dogs. She has such a passion for them. So when it came to being an artist, she naturally wanted to paint animals. She has been painting in watercolor professionally for about fifteen years now. Since art school when she had an amazing watercolor artist teach her the wonders of watercolor she has never looked back to any other medium. She loves watercolor painting and wants to use her artist journey to capture the personality and character of the animals in a colorful and fun way. She enjoys layering colors and glazing paint to create depth and interest in her works. She also has a strong interest in color theory and playing with colors to see what results happen.

She has lived her life with art being her focus. She is a picture framer as well, working on conservation and archival framing to preserve and protect artwork for years to come. Cherilynn also met her husand at an art fair. He also is an artist working in watercolor. They have set out to be a creative couple living their artistic lives together.

Volunteering with Animals
A couple of years ago they moved to Chicago, and she got involved in a great no-kill shelter there that finds homes for rescued animals. She volunteers at one of their shelters that helps find homes for the hard to adopt dogs. These are usually older dogs, pit bulls, and ones with special needs. She has met some amazing dogs there and has seen the shelter's great work in finding homes for these dogs. In addition to volunteer dog walking for this organization, she donates 10% of her commission pet portrait profits. She sees everyday the great work that they are doing and loves being a part of it.
Her Artfire Studio
Cherilynn's Artfire shop is and her Etsy shop is She has started these because she wants her art to be available to everyone. She would love it if she could paint each and every dog out there in people's lives and hearts. To quote Cherilynn, "I think that they have such great character and personality." She thinks that the internet is a great way to have so many people see her work and how affordable it is and how everyone can have a piece of original art in their homes that means something special to them.
You may also enjoy reading her blog at and visiting her website at
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