Sunday, October 4, 2009

October 2009 Newsletter: Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Artfire has rolled out many exciting features for their fellow members such as the Facebook Kiosk, Coupon Code and Gift Certificate Code redemption, Etsy Item Importer, and Global Product Editor. I have mentioned a couple of these features in last month's newsletter.

Best of all, in the spirit of the giving season, Artfire has implemented a new promotion: unlimited item listing for basic members. This means unlimited listing for free - no monthly fee - nada! This is definitely the best time to get your friends to try out Artfire.

Be Included In Our Member List!
I wanted to come up with a way to list members and their charities so I've come up with this list here: . You can get yourself included by filling out this
short form.

Welcome New Members!
Please welcome our latest new member bowwowza who just won a verified account on artfire FOR LIFE. Maybe she will share her secret on her new found success.

Etsy Item Importer
The Etsy Item Importer feature allows you to import all or a select number of items from your etsy shop. I have used this feature to import some of my crocheted purses and greeting cards into my artfire store and found it very fast and convenient. Remember to edit your item once you import - pay special attention to the categories and tags. Also, I noticed that it automatically converts any text that says "etsy" to "artfire," which is not always so useful. Also remember to edit any portion of your description to reflect your artfire store.

Global Product Editor
The Global Product Editor lets you edit certain portions of your items in your store. You can choose to edit all your items, items in certain categories, or an individual item. Then, you can edit item prices, item shipping, item category placement, item studio category placement, item primary color, item search filters, item tags, and item promo boxes. You can also reduce the prices of these items by a certain amount or percent.

Help our guild grow by volunteering. If you don't have a project in mind I have a couple ideas. Just email me.
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1 comment:

PunkGardener said...

Secret of my success?

Decide that you want an artfire account so that you can knit some dog sweaters to help your favorite dog rescue.
Then get too busy to knit for a few weeks, enter a facebook artfire contest, win the contest & go "yay! but wait... aaargh must knit some sweaters for my brand spanking new empty shop!" lol ;)

Thanks for having me in the guild!