Monday, November 2, 2009

November 2009 Newsletter

Its getting cold out there (at least in the northern hemisphere!) so if anyone has any pics of anything to warm up us humans or our loved critters, please send them to me and I'll include them in our next newsletter.

I am working with CutsiePoochie who is the guildmaster of Artfire Friends Guild You Can Sell It on a December contest where our members will enter their creations that follow a chosen theme to win a blinkie to share their award winning art. More information will come within the month so watch your inbox for more details.

Follow our blog!

My goal this month is to have all our members follow our CFA blog through the Google Friend Connect that is located on the right hand side of our blog. If you've already joined, invite one or more of your friends to join!

Our latest members
Take a look at the stores of our latest members: CreativeCritters, magichands, kcsoaps, and BeantownHandmade.

Exciting new features!
If they weren't rolling out enough new features, check out these:

Flickr group highlights

items in Crafting 4 Animals Guild on Artfire
More in Crafting 4 Animals Guild on Artfire pool

Thanks and happy thanksgiving,

El of Tantalizing Stitches on Artfire

Crafting for Animals Guild Master

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