Monday, December 7, 2009

Our First Contest

Hi All!

Happy holidays and wishing you all lots of selling success for the season. We have teamed up with the Artfire Friends Guild: You Can Sell It for our first contest. Tammy of CutsiePoochie, a fellow CFA member and the Artfire Friends Guildmaster is heading this contest for us.

It is a theme based contest. Some of you may know these as challenges. We'd love for your participation.

This month's theme is "Winter Wonderland."

Here are the rules:

If you are planning to participate, email Tammy at You need to email her by December 28, 2009. Please let her know that you are a CFA member.

Then, send your project by email to Tammy at You need to submit your entry by January 24, 2010.

Everyone will create a piece of work based on a theme. This month\'s theme will be "Winter Wonderland."

The most original/outstanding piece of work would be voted for using a poll widget on various blogs, chatterbox, studios, etc.

The winner for the theme would then be given an award widget. The widget can be posted on your Artfire shop and you can then claim you have an award-winning piece of work in your studio. I know that some items are not produced within mere seconds, and that those of us that have more "demanding" items may be a little hesitant to participate. However, even those that crochet or have intense items could come up with something "small". I crochet thread items and sometimes they can take just a few hours to complete. So be creative - it's a creativity contest. Think about going outside of your "normal" areas and discovering a talent you've hidden.

To make it more fun, all of the work will be anonymous until a winner is chosen. Participants may vote in the contest. Voting for yourself or another participant is fully your decision, but please keep it fair.

The voting will take place the week of January 25-31, 2010.

The winner will be announced on February 1st.

Participants are encouraged to vote, post links to the voting areas, and post the poll on their blogs or in their studios.

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