Friday, January 15, 2010

January 2010 Newsletter

Hi All!

Sorry for the delay! This new year has been really exciting for me in terms of expansion of my online business and my personal life and that has caused a delay in this month's newsletter.

I hope your new year has been full of new ideas and animal happiness. Please let me know what animal activities and selling techniques you have been up to so we can share with our fellow members. Also, if you have any new year's resolutions, please share how you plan to meet your new goals!

I really need a volunteer to help me manage new members. This basically means adding new members to our newsletter and if possible, adding new members to our flickr group and sending the new member list to our other volunteers who update our other forums.

I wanted to remind everyone about our joint collaboration with the Artfire Friends Guild: You Can Sell It ran by one of our members, Tammy of cutsiepoochie (she has recently changed her shop name but I do not know the exact username. sorry!) Its a theme based contest and this month's theme is Winter Wonderland. If you haven't contacted her about your interest do so now (as she may take you after the initial deadline).

This is a chance to showcase your work (people will view your item and vote for their favorite!). More information is available on our blog. You may contact Tammy for questions: .

Please submit all entries by January 24, 2010.

Thanks for making Artfire a wonderful community,
El of Tantalizing Stitches
Crafting for Animals Guildmaster

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Tammy said...

Hi El. Just to let you know that YES, I have extended the deadline. Sorry I didn't alert you sooner. Everyone can sign up now until January 24th, but the item must be sent to me no later than that day. Voting commences on the 25th and I can't take submissions after that. Also, my new studio name is FantasyDreamKnits. If you have something ready you haven't put in your shop yet, you can send it to me. Next month it will be open to items already in shops. thanks!