Saturday, October 23, 2010

An Animal's Will to Live

Mia's Story

After watching this heart-wrenching video of a rottweiler named Mia who came back to life after being put to sleep stirred my curiosity about euthanasia and I just have to wonder if there are more animals out there who weren't actually dead after they were put down. Further, after seeing this report, I began to think about an animal's will to live and how society currently handles not only animals, but people who are suffering. In Mia's story, the vet's office refused to comment, and while the worker commented that she'd never seen this before, I have to wonder how common it might really be, and to think of an animal being buried or cremated alive sends chills down my spine. Maybe it was a one time thing, or perhaps for Mia it just wasn't her time to go, or maybe her will to live pulled her through.

We humans make tough decisions when our pets or other animals are suffering, and sometimes we decide that it would be better to put the animal out of its misery. I wonder if an animal should have the right to live out its life if it had a choice, or if perhaps humans should have the same options as an animal to end their own suffering. Although it may sound absurd to even my ears to allow an innocent animal to suffer when the alternative is painless, we don't allow humans to make that decision for themselves because its seen as something that isn't our choice to make, that is, unless the person is on life support with no chance of normal human life without it. Both suicide and mercy killing are highly frowned upon no matter the level of pain a person may be in, so why is it is considered the most humane thing we can do for animals that are suffering? I am left to wonder, which is the more humane thing to do?

Written by Tsilos Schoener,


steve said...

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Debra said...

I am appalled at what Mia and her family have had to go through due to the experience of failed euthanasia. I've never heard of this; now I too wonder how many times this may have happened and if it is more common than we realize.

TS Beading said...

It's not easy making that kind of decision the first time, but to have to make it again after some strange twist of fate seems to be telling them that she is not ready to go or that it's not her time. Yet the pain Mia is going through is heartbreaking as well. I can't begin to imagine! It is, indeed, appalling!