Friday, October 1, 2010

Badges and Widgets for Animal Lovers

With all of the excitement over at Artfire with the $5.95 deal for a Pro shop and the price going into effect today, I've been busy revamping my shop and opening a second shop. While revamping I started looking for widgets to add to the shop from some of my favorite animal groups. I've added these to my personal blog as well. So, in case you are interested in adding some to yours, here are the links to finding some of my favorites.


The Animal Rescue Site Remember to click once a day to help feed cats and dogs. Oh, and they have an App for the iPhone so you can do the clicks by phone too.

I emailed Best Friends Animal Sanctuary asking if they have a widget that I can put on my blog and shop as well.

If you all have any to add, I sure would like to hear about them!

Written by Mona Peepers Ahleman
3Peeps Blog

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