Sunday, October 10, 2010

Did You Ever Wonder?……………………………..Pam Todd

Have you ever been curious about the different breeds of dogs, their characteristics and habits? I’m always interested in my friends and the kind of dogs they like. My good friends, Priscilla and Brent, have three Italian Greyhounds…..Nash, Ruger, and Colt. And this is their story, along with some facts about the breed in general.

This cutie is Colt, the newest addition to the family. The dogs are each 1 1/2 years apart in age, and Colt just arrived earlier this year. He is the baby and thinks every time he comes in from outside that he should have a treat. Those treats are reserved for pottying though, and so he doesn’t get one every time he wants one!
Sometimes the dogs sleep curled up on their own, and other times they like to snuggle. This is Nash, who has a beautiful dark brown and white coat. Italian greyhounds come in many colors: gray, slate gray, red, fawn, blue, black, white or cream. They can be white with color markings or color with white markings. Italian greyhounds are slender fine-boned little dogs.
Their short, glossy coats are not much protection from the cold or the heat. Ruger loves sleeping half under the covers with his head resting on the pillow. Little Colt likes to snuggle up to Ruger. Nash likes burrowing totally under the covers! They get cold easily during the winter months and don’t stay outside long except to potty or to go for their walks, and then need jackets or sweaters to stay warm.
Recently Nash, Ruger, and Colt headed south for a vacation. For their walk along the white, sandy beach, they sported colorful jackets to avoid getting sunburned and to stay warm against the cool morning breezes along the coast. They got to stay in a home with a fenced backyard, and so they were free to run and play during their trip.
Colt stayed a true Indiana Colts fan, wearing his collar all throughout his trip to Florida. I can only imagine Colt saying to Brent, “What’s up with all this traffic, Dude?” Italian Greyhounds are playful, keen, affectionate, intelligent, and kind-mannered. Their main goal is to do nothing more than please their owners. No doubt, that’s the reason Colt is keeping an eye on the road during their trip!
Nash is the oldest of the three members of Priscilla and Brent’s family. He is well trained and can be depended on to potty outside. All three were trained by receiving treats after taking care of business. Italian Greyhounds are sensitive to the tone of the human voice, and is reported on a website about their breed that they will not listen if they sense that they have a stronger mind than their owners. But, they also will not respond to harsh discipline.

This photo was taken before Colt’s arrival. Nash and Ruger are enjoying a walk on the way to the park near their home, where they enjoy romping and playing. Their favorite toy is called a Womba, a ball with long strands hanging from it. They love to go after the Womba after it is thrown and bring it back and do it again and again and again! Italian Greyhounds enjoy their daily walks which give them the exercise they need.
Ruger likes lying on the porch and basking in the sun. The shoes next to him give a size comparison for these dogs. Their height can range from 12 – 15 inches, and their weight from 6 – 10 pounds. There are two weight categories: 8 pounds maximum, and over 8 pounds. These dogs do well in a quiet household, but also get along with children and other dogs and cats as long as their humans display leadership.

colt waiting for treat

nash and ruger
bre nt and nashn

Thanks to Priscilla Withman Holmes, hairstylist extraordinaire at Colleen Cavenny’s Salon and Day Spa in Franklin, IN and to her husband, Brent, manager of a jewelry store in the Greenwood Mall,for sharing their dogs with us. Nash, Ruger, and Colt truly are gentle, affectionate, intelligent, and bring great pleasure to their family.

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Tina said...

they are super cute Pam


TS Beading said...

Great article about Greyhounds! I love all the photos and reading aobut their lives. Here I thought all greyhounds were taller. Thanks for sharing!

JLynnPro said...

I think Italian Greyhounds are some of the cutest dogs ever! I just smile every time I see one. Just ADORABLE! :)

I also really like "standard" Greyhounds. They are so elegant.

dhcatlady said...

Great info and stories...wonderful photos. Thank you!