Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our Personal Pet BJ

This week's story is about Calcifer (yawning below) his family, Ozzy, Cedric and mom Michelle. CEDRIC (middle)

OK I've got tons of stories, but I think I'll share Calcifer's story first. Calcifer's story actually starts with Ozzy.

I adopted Ozzy before he was
even fully weaned. His mother had been hit by a car when he and his
siblings were just starting the weaning process. Ozzy was a little black bundle of energy from day one, and we bonded instantly.
Ozzy (lower right) was my constant companion for 13 delightful years. He died on the first day of
winter, December 21, 2010. It broke my heart
and I missed my loving friend
very much. I knew I would get another animal when I was ready, but our
other cat, Cedric helped speed that decision along a bit.
Cedric and Ozzy had been like brothers, and Cedric mourned Ozzy's death as much as I did.
It was obvious he was lonely- he had never been an only cat. I missed
having a lap cat and a snuggly friend. Cedric was affectionate, but wasn't
a lap cat at all. So I started going up to PetSmart on the weekends when
they had their cat adoptions. Of course I wanted to take home every single
cat I saw, but I had a few criteria I wanted to stick to. I wanted a
kitten, so he would adapt to a new home better, and would accept Cedric (and
vice versa) more easily than an older cat who might be more set in his
ways. I wanted a male, because they seem to get along better, and have
fewer health issues (in my personal experience). As for specific breed,
I've always wanted a Maine Coone, but knew I would adopt any kitten that
seemed "right". After several trips without finding "the one" I wandered
past the cages on an early spring day. One fluffy kitten caught my eye. He
seemed a little shy, but he was beautiful. My heart dropped when I read the
name on the tag: "OZZY". I thought, "This is too much. I can't have
another Ozzy- there's only one." So I went to look at the other kittens,
only to find myself drawn back to Ozzy's cage. I asked the lady about him
as I held the squirmy bundle of fluff. The poor kitten only had sight in
one eye, the other was covered by a milky film. He had been one of about 50
cats rescued from a hoarder's small apartment. The shelter nursed him back
to health, but said that he would always be blind in one eye. They said
they'd even give me a discount on the adoption fee because of his eye and
the fact that he was so shy. They feared no one would adopt him because of
his drawbacks. Then I'd looked at his date of birth- December 23, 2 days
after Ozzy died. I looked into those beautiful kitten eyes and I just
knew. Just a bit of my Ozzy's very special soul had come back to me in the
form of this "less than perfect" kitten.
Within a few hours of being in his new home this "shy" kitten showed me his
true personality. Fearless, loving, playful, and intelligent.

It took no time for him and Cedric to become fast friends. And I am Mommy- the love I
feel from this creature is absolute. He too, was very young when he lost
his mother. I think that's why he started suckling on my hair when I held
him. I'd hold him on my chest, over my heart, and he'd bury his face in my
hair, suckling and purring loudly, kneading my hair with his tiny paws. Now
the really bizarre thing is that this is the ONLY time he purrs, no matter
how happy he is (and he's a very happy kitten). I think of it as our
special time together, and we've bonded more strongly than any other animal
I've had. He has many of the same habits as Ozzy too, and even sits in some
of the exact spots, in the same positions. And after I took him to my vet I
discovered that he may be able to regain some of the sight in his bad eye.
He has diminished vision, but it doesn't seem to slow him down in the
least. And as he grew, I found out he IS a Maine Coone cat (there's really
no doubt when you look at him now). He's everything I could ever want in a
And the unique name Calcifer come from the movie Howl's Moving Castle by
Hayou Miyazaki. Calcifer is the (good) fire demon whose magic moves the
castle (among other things). And my Calcifer certainly lives up to his
name! The way he races and leaps around here you'd think he had wings!
This fluffy beast is pure joy. He's almost 11 months old now (and growing
like mad!). He still cuddles with me (and suckles on my hair) several times
a day. And that's STILL the only time he purrs. His curiosity and
intelligence seem to know no bounds. And his love- I have never been so
loved by a cat. As I'm writing this, he's draped across my shoulders
watching the screen. I have LOTS of Calcifer stories, but this is where it
See pictures of Ozzy, Calcifer, and Cedric.
Story by: Michelle of CreativeCritters
Michelle has an undeniable love for critters, especially her cats. You can see her fascination with all sorts of animals, in her Artfire studio, Aptly named " Creative Critters".
Thanks for sharing your great story with us Michelle.


Michelle said...

Thank you so much for featuring Calcifer's story! I wouldn't be CreativeCritters without my Critters! ;-)
-Michelle of CreativeCritters

El at Tantalizing Stitches said...

Beautiful story! Cats are so cute and your story is great. Thanks to Michelle and BJ for sharing!

Debra said...

Calcifer has so much charm and personality and no doubt does love you absolutely. He knows you rescued him when he was close to having no hope! Amazing that each pet has their own way of showing their feelings. Thank you!

JLynnPro said...

I love this wonderful story. Calcifer sounds very special, indeed! :)