Sunday, December 12, 2010

My First Personal Pet BJ


Dedicated to Joshua Shane: Wherever you are, our sweet boy!

For my wonderful daughter, Renee. Josh became her wolf, because they had a very special bond. She will always love & miss him. She has supported endangered wolves most of her life. Joshua was very special to her.
Renee grew up to be an animal lover & advocate. Besides their pets, she & her husband have rescued other animals & did what they thought best for them.
This story is about my first experience with a pet of my own, as an adult. As a child, I had a couple of pets but, for some reason, they didn't stay long. My Dad liked dogs, but my Mom didn't care about having pets, especially in the house, so any type that my dad got, was an outdoor pet.

As I grew older & my children were 9,11 & 13, we made a decision to go to the humane society & at least look at the animals. I had no expectations & told them not to. As I was looking at the dogs in their cages, my eyes caught this beautiful big husky looking grey, white & tan dog with big yellow eyes. He looked menacing, but turned out to have a sweet pleasant attitude. His looks could intimidate you, but his personality was anything but.

He was so friendly & loving and if we weren't careful, he might have knocked us over, trying to lick us.
Although we may have been a little nervous about him, That was it. I fell in love & wanted to take him home with us. We called him Joshua Shane.

None of us had any idea what a wonderfully sweet animal he was. He devoted himself to us & just seemed excited every day to be with us. He was protective if he thought one of us threatened, like play wrestling, but his growl was worse than anything else.

I don't know how anyone lost track of this awesome wolf dog. No one had tried to claim him either. They told us he was "supposed" to be a hybrid cross between a husky like dog & a timber wolf. He had all of the features & markings of a true wolf, even the yellow eyes. He was beautiful.

My oldest daughter, Renee & Josh had a very special bond & they ended up being best buds, so he was deemed her pet eventually.
Whenever we left him alone for any amount of time though, we found out he was not happy about it. He ate the corner of a chair, shoes & knocked over the Christmas tree, which was in front of the big window & kept him from watching and waiting for us to come back.He never did anything like that, until we left him alone.
We loved him so much we laughed instead of getting angry.

One day, a couple of policemen were in our neighborhood for something & they stopped by to look at & comment on Josh who was outside with the kids, because he loved to watch them play. The police thought he was beautiful, but a little intimidating by his looks & asked about his personality. I told them that all they had to worry about was him licking them to death. (And he tried to).

I don't know anything about Josh's past, as he was approximately 1 & 1/2 when we got him. He moved with us on several acres in the Michigan. I got him a female malamute puppy for a playmate & partner. Her name was Brandy Shalamar. They had several of our cats to play with too & Josh was always very gentle with them.

Josh always stayed around the house & never wandered by himself, but Brandy, as pups sometimes do, led him off to visit elsewhere. Often we put adds in the paper for them & sometimes our neighbors even put adds in the paper for lost & found. We collected them from a couple of areas that were almost a mile our house. All of our neighbors got to know them after that. LOL! But they were animal lovers too.

A couple of years later, we decided to stop renting out our house in the city & move back in it. We had a high fence around the yard, but it was nothing like what they were use to in the country. Josh & Brandy had a litter of puppies before we left & we easily sold all of them for a small profit. We were more worried about who took them, so we didn't want to just give them away to anyone.
Brandy hated the city & she turned jealous over Josh & mean to other dogs, including her pups. We decided to sell her, because she was terribly unhappy there & needed more land to run. We also felt the same about Josh, but he also needed more room with someone to devote himself to, because he had so much love to give.

Finally we decided to let him go with a young man who seemed to have a great rapport with Josh. He said that Josh would have a great home & would travel all over with him. Josh seemed to like that idea, because when the guy opened up his truck door, Josh jumped in & sat right up like he belonged there. You could just tell that he would have a wonderful life. I knew that I would always miss this awesome animal, but I felt he had deserved a super life, he was so wonderful.
To this day, Joshua has been my daughter's all time favorite pet & she supports wolves in wildlife, as I do. It may not work for everyone, but it did for us.
Our loving time with Joshua was gift from 1978 to 1982.

This story was written & submitted by BJ of EXPRESSIONS and KRAFT KORNER on ARTFIRE
BJ loves quilting,crafting,making jewelry & her cats. She also donates to animal charities, including her local humane society, adopts her pets, helps rescue & care for abandoned & abused animals in her area & is a columnist for the bi-weekly column, "Our Personal Pet Stories".
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Debra said...

Great story about a beautiful and special pet. Glad you had that time with him.

El at Tantalizing Stitches said...

What a beautiful story. I just love animals and learning about other people's animals. Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us.

3 Peeps Designs said...

I love to talk about my pets and could probably do it all day long. Its nice to have a community of like-minded people to share my love of animals with. Thanks for the post!

Rachael said...

It's a lovely story even though it is a little tear jerking that Josh had to move on. I know it was for the best and it was a very kind thing you did for him.