Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dogs That Serve…………………………………Pam Todd

     Our dogs are family members.  They love us, and we love them.  We play, eat, sleep, and share our daily lives with our dogs.  They are loyal, affectionate, smart, and lots of fun.  They have excellent eyesight and senses of smell.  They also sense our moods and know when we are sad or hurting physically or otherwise.  There have been countless stories about dogs waiting with injured owners or alerting others for help.  Because they are so intelligent and sensitive, dogs are trained to help people in many ways.

     There are service dogs for many physical and mental disabilities, such as blindness, seizures, even deafness.  Some dogs are trained to notify their owners when a doorbell rings.  Others are trained to guide the blind around obstacles and to assist them in safely crossing streets. Still others are trained to know when a seizure is about to occur and respond appropriately to their owner’s needs.  Dogs are trained to search for persons trapped under rubble and to aid in their rescue or retrieval.   Still others are being used to sniff the breath of people to identify those with cancer.  And what joy the dogs bring to those in nursing homes and hospitals when they visit patients in those places. 

     Whether the dog in your life is one whose main purpose is to give love and companionship or those things plus assist you in whatever way you may need, it can be said with assurance that dogs are special, loving, and loyal friends.  You may also be interested in reading  inspiring and heart warming stories about dogs helping people at this website:


Debra said...

I'm always awed and amazed to read about how a great many dogs can be trained to be assistive companions to persons in need of such help. And it's always gratifying to think of how special pets are to their families, the loyalty and love they display in so many ways. Great report to remind us of how special a dog can be as a pet and a helper or both!

JLynnPro said...

Service dogs are the best! I have an acquaintance who is training his dog for search and rescue, and when we have less cats, my boyfriend would very much like to get a hearing dog.

I also help Dogs for the Deaf out whenever I can.