Sunday, January 30, 2011

This Is For the Birds………………………………………,,,,,,,,,,..Pam Todd

     One of the things my husband enjoys most is feeding the birds during the winter months.  He has placed a couple of feeders in our back yard, which can be seen through our patio doors.  This year he hung a feeder on our front porch so he can watch from his recliner as the birds come to eat.

     In our part of Indiana,  about 50 miles south of Indianapolis, we see lots of cardinals (our state bird), many doves, finches, woodpeckers, blue jays, and blackbirds.  The feeders are filled every day and emptied every day.  Seed is also sprinkled on the ground around the feeder for the doves. Feeders in the back are near a huge pine tree so that birds can fly there for protection from hawks that may swoop by at any time.  The one on the porch is protected under the overhang, and no hawks have been seen there.

     We use a wild bird seed mixture, which is not only loved by the birds, but also the deer that appear daily in our yard.  Lately, my husband has been bringing the two backyard feeders into the house for the night to prevent the deer from knocking them off their hangers.  We know the deer still come and clean up any seed that has fallen to the ground.

     Because of the severity of this year’s winter cold and snows, we know that providing feed for the birds is essential and most welcome.  And, it is enjoyable watching them fly in, sit on a perch, and eat their fill. Winter bird feeding is a win-win for all!

     You can read more tips on bird feeding at the link below:

Blog post provided by Pam Todd,, a member of the Crafting for Animals Guild on Artfire.  Pam’s shop features crocheted items for people, pets, and homes.


Astrid Nicole Etcetera said...

Very nice blog. The scene painted of your husband watching the birds feed from his recliner is so tranquil! This winter has been so severe for most parts of the country...thanks for the reminder to help our feathered friends.

Debra said...

Good info about our wild feathered friends. Thank you for this post on our blog.

Expressions by BJ said...

I love watching our birds here in the NE. I have had a couple of bird feeders out too. Our state bird is also the Cardinal. Ohio & Indiana are neighbors & have the same birds around. Both states picked the cardinal as the state bird. Aren't they pretty? Great Christmas card birds too. They Bluejays are beautiful also. Great article.