Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Health-Related Article for Fruit and Veggie Lovers!

This is a non-animal-related blog article today! We are definitely all concerned with our health and with saving money, right? And, the healthier we are and the more money we save, the more time and energy and money we can spend on the animals we love, right?
So, I found a great recipe for a natural vegetable and fruit wash that can clean our fruits and veggies before we eat them, without a lot of expense. Here’s the recipe:
Natural Vegetable and Fruit Wash
1 cup water
1 cup vinegar
2 T baking soda
2 T lemon juice
Mix ingredients together and then pour into a clean spray bottle. Spray fresh vegetables & fruit generously. Let them sit for 5 minutes and then rinse off well.  
Note: Make sure to use a deep container to mix the ingredients together because there will be some fizzing from the baking soda and vinegar.
Fast Cleaning: For last minute cleaning when you may not have the solution above on hand, here are two tips for quick cleaning:

**Sprinkle wet produce items with baking soda, then gently scrub and rinse. This will safely remove dirt and other surface residue off produce.

**A mix of 50/50 vinegar and water sprayed on fruit and vegetables also works well as a good produce cleaner. Let items sit for a few minutes before washing off.

Happy spring and summer everyone; enjoy all the yummy fresh fruits and vegetables!

Submitted by Debra of Sleepy Cat Designs


Rachael said...

I didn't realise that people go to the trouble to wash their fruit and veg so thoroughly. I just run mine under the tap, through running water.

El at Tantalizing Stitches said...

Same here. But most fruit and vegetables (at least in the U.S.) are coated with various "nontoxic" chemicals to make them last longer and transport better so perhaps this is a good idea.

Debra said...

Yes, rinsing or washing produce has long been recommended here in the US because of the need to remove the bacteria from trees/plants/dirt and chemical residue (pesticides) left on produce going to markets, even organic produce. Actually, there are no "clean" fruit and vegetables if they have not been washed after purchase. Many hands touch certain items as well, even employees and shoppers in the store (picking up items and putting them back). There are commercially-produced washes that have been around a long time but they are several dollars per bottle.