Friday, April 15, 2011

Pet Owner's Day Special: Spay / Neutering Saves Lives

Most people know that you should have your pets spayed or neutered because there are countless unwanted animals in shelters, as well as out on the streets. Many of these poor creatures live a short and difficult life. Here's a personal example.

When I was young I had a female cat named MC, short for Madame Cat. My parents never got her spayed, and before she was a year old she had her first litter of kittens. Of course they were adorable, and I loved each one, but now we had 5 cats to take care of.

MC's personality really changed after she had kittens. She wasn't as playful and loving anymore, and even after the kittens were weaned she seemed to prefer being by herself. After that I learned to recognize the signs that she was going into heat, and kept her in the house for the duration of her heat (which wasn't easy, because all she wanted to do was get out and find a mate).

Then I found out that sometimes female cats don't exhibit obvious signs when they go into heat. And so MC, just over a year old, had her second litter of kittens. All but one of these ended up being sold at a pet store. These births must have been pretty hard on my little kitty, because it wasn't too much later that she got sick. My poor little girl only lived a few years before dying in my arms one night. I believe if she had been spayed when she was a kitten, she would have lived a much longer, happier life.

 And if you think it's OK to not neuter a male cat, just think about how many females a Tom cat can impregnate, and how many unwanted kittens each of those females can have. Plus, neutered males don't spray and are much more affectionate (once again, I'm speaking from experience here).

 Once I was old enough to make the choice myself every pet I've owned has been spayed or neutered. And I've had long, loving relationships with each of them.

You are doing your pet a favor by fixing them. They have fewer health issues and better personalities, and are much less likely to stray from home. When we take these creatures into our homes, they become our responsibilities. It's up to us to give them the best life we possibly can.

If you love your pet, please, get them spayed or neutered.
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Michelle said...

Thanks so much for featuring my story! Hopefully people will heed my advice and do what's right for their pets. Every time I visit the shelter my heart breaks at the number of homeless pets there. I wish I could save every last one!
-Michelle of CreativeCritters