Friday, July 1, 2011

Coyotes Next Door by Pam Todd

We have two acres bordered on the west by our neighbor’s 20 acres, most of which is wooded areas, ravines, creeks, with lots of underbrush.  My husband mows probably three acres around the log home that sits there.  He often takes Eddie, our Boston Terrier, for walks on that property, with the neighbor’s permission, of course.

eddie front view

A few weeks ago, Eddie had his first encounter with a coyote.  We hear them often, and see them, sometimes even crossing our back yard.

coyote one

Eddie isn’t very good at staying right with his buddy, and suddenly my husband heard yipping and other noises as if a fight was about to occur. A gunshot into the ground brought Eddie running as fast as he could, and when the coyote saw my husband and heard the report of the gun, it also ran away.  When we got Eddie into the house, we could see one bite, and called the vet right away.  The vet had not had any other coyote bites reported, and after examining Eddie, found three places where the coyote had bitten him.

eddie's wounds two

She had to shave the areas around the three wounds so that she could clean them.  His temperature, 102.3 degrees, was normal.  And I said, “No wonder he is so warm when he lays next to you!”  They just smiled!

eddie's wounds one

They gave Eddie antibiotics to prevent infection, and an anti-inflammatory pain reliever to prevent swelling and to make it hurt less while healing.

Eddie thinks he can run right up to other animals, turn his rear end into their face, and say hello.   But, I expect that Eddie will stay closer to Bob next time they walk in the woods and across the mowed area next door after this nail biting (or should we say butt biting) experience.  He is well on the way in the healing process, and has only the scars to show for this scary experience.

eddie's wounds four

That isn’t the only encounter we have had with a coyote.  One day about two years ago, my husband motioned through the patio doors for me to come outside.  He walked to the storage shed, and there was an animal lying curled up in the front corner.  We stood and looked at it, wondering if it was a stray dog or what.  Then the animal saw us, stood up, and walked right past us, not four feet away from where we were standing.  It was a coyote!  It walked about twenty feet farther, turned and looked at us, and then continued on its way.

Housing developments have forced animals into smaller and smaller areas, and it is no longer unusual to see coyotes where we live.  In a suburb of Indianapolis recently, a news report told how a small dog was taken by coyotes and killed.  The town has an ordinance that no guns may be fired within the town limits.  I feel so bad for those folks who lost their small furry family member to animals that shouldn’t be forced to live so close to people.

Please feel free to comment and/or share any experiences you may have had with coyotes.

Pam Todd is an animal lover and enjoys everything related to nature.  Her ArtFire Studio, features hand-crocheted items for people, pets, and homes.  She supports The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee,, with an annual contribution, as well as provides gift certificates for auctions by groups raising funds to care for animals.


El at Tantalizing Stitches said...

Wow! I really hope that was a lesson learned!!! I am so glad he was able and willing to run fast. I live in the suburb and there is a report of a coyote in the area. Two cats are missing and while we hope its not due to the coyote, we can't suspect anything else. I have my outdoor cat Luthar and am a little worried but I can't get him to do anything he doesn't want to do (plus he likes dogs! so I hope he doesn't think this coyote is friendly).

Thanks for sharing!

Creative Critters said...

I'm so glad Eddie will be ok! I live in the suburbs, and because of all the destruction of the natural habitat (much of it for businesses that last no more than a year) we also have coyotes wandering the streets and backyards. There have been several news stories of small dogs being killed or injured by coyotes. I don't blame the coyotes, they're just trying to survive in a new and unnatural environment. I actually see more wildlife here than people who live in more rural areas. The poor animals simply have nowhere left to go- their homes and habitats have been destroyed. This is just another reason why my cats are housecats.
-Michelle of CreaiveCritters

Expressions by BJ said...

Wow Pam. I'm glad that Eddie is Ok.
Unfortunately my daughter & her husband live in an area like yours outside of Columbus, OH. They have a small woods right in the middle of all of the neighbors properties with Coyotes. They started seeing them in her yard just this past year. They have a dog and two cats. One cat goes outside, usually asscorted by them, but a neighbor has a farm where there are all kinds of barn cats. I personally hate that because they spread diseases & have oodles of kittens from not being medically treated. I'm sure for the coyotes that cat is on the menu nearly every day. I hate even thinking about it, actually.
I think Ohio needs to start thinking about relocating the coyotes soon, as other places may have to also. I know it's not the coyotes fault and what else is there to do.
There was a news story last week about a coyote coming up in a yard and grabbing a child off of a trampoline & tried to carry her off to the woods. The Mom first tried beating the coyote off, but it was too agressive, so a neighbor shot it. What do you do, if it's between a coyotes life and your child or pet.
Your husband did a great thing for both animals, but coyotes and other animals are looking for food and they will usually take what they can get or fight if they feel threatened.I'm happy that this story ended well.

Debra at Sleepy Cat Designs said...

Poor Eddie, and other pets hurt or killed by coyotes. I was told when I moved to southeastern Arizona that "cats are like chocolate to coyotes", a real tasty treat. And several of my friends have lost their cats and dogs to coyotes in their own yards. My cats were already indoor cats, and of course any pet I ever have will be an indoor pet, but there are a lot of indoor/outdoor types of pets for various reasons. And so it's very sad that these kinds of things will continue because of the continued encroachment of humans into the domains of our wild animal neighbors.

Kanweienea Kreations said...

Poor Eddie! Glad that he's okay. Very nice article. Thank you for sharing.