Friday, October 28, 2011

Lucy by Pam and Jacque

Luce one

My niece, Jacque, and her husband, Todd, have a wonderful dog named Lucy.  I knew that Lucy had her own story before she came to part of the family.  So, I asked Jacque about it, and won’t she be surprised later today when she learns that she became today’s guest blogger! In Jacque’s own words, then!

“Lucy lived in an apartment complex with a family that had young children.  When they moved, they abandoned her and even though she didn't want her, the elderly lady next door felt sorry for her and took her in.  I don't know if it was the family, or someone else that abused Lucy, but the elderly lady couldn't do anything with her and was going to take her to the pound.  Kevin {Jacque’s brother and my nephew} was doing excavating work by the apartment complex and somehow started talking to the elderly lady. Instead of letting the elderly lady take her to the pound, he brought her home.  Kevin’s wife, Lisa, thought they had too many dogs already, so she wanted to find Lucy a home.”

Lucy ten

“Mom told me I needed a dog and then told me to take her home for a few days…you know…see how I liked her (she used car salesmanned me….drive it for a few days…see what you think).  So, I called Todd and asked him if we could have a dog. He said no.  I asked if I could just bring her home for a few days.  He said no.  So, I brought her home anyway, and the rest is history.”

Lucy nine

“It took about six months for her to relax and start to come out of her shell.  When I brought her to my house, she ran to the farthest room in the house, which happened to be my bedroom, and hid in the walk-in closet.  She wouldn't come out except to potty or when she ate, which she did in the middle of the night, so no one would bother her.  This went on for weeks.  I thought I had brought home a lemon!  She wouldn't even ride in the car. What dog doesn't love the car?  She shook like a leaf, and I had to pick her up and put her in.  After a few months, she started to associate car with park and became less resistant.

Lucy three

Again, six months seemed to be the magic number.  She stopped crawling on her stomach, head down and tail tucked.  She started wagging her tail, greeting strangers, jumping in the car if the door was open.  She got her puppy confidence back and has been my  and Todd's love ever since.”

Lucy six

“Now, she trots around, proud, tail up, head high, and even gets a little demanding when she wants a bone or treat by barking at me.  She's still a gentle soul, but she is confident, regal and loving…..and if the door to the car is open, there's no keeping her out.  Hopefully, we touched her life as much as she touched ours…..”

Lucy eight

I think Lucy’s story could be one of many dogs who are left abandoned in places too numerous to even consider.  Some are lucky enough to reach a shelter and be rescued from there.  I hope that if you are considering adding a dog to your family, you will visit your local animal shelter and find that special dog that will touch your lives and whose life you will touch by giving it a loving and forever home.  Participating members of our Crafting4Animals Guild are donating a percentage of your purchases this week to the Close to Home Rescue Center in Ohio.  Please help us help them.  Use the coupon code below when you purchase from our shops on October 28 and October 29.

This post written by Pam Todd and Jacque Huntley Veney.  Pam loves animals of all kinds, especially dogs.  She hand-crochets items for people, pets, and homes for her shop:, writes a regular post for this blog, and also supports the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, TN ( 


Debra at Sleepy Cat Designs said...

Wow. It's hard to imagine treating a member of the family the way Lucy was treated, abandoned like that. But then we all know not everyone cares for their pets properly. Which is one big reason we do have shelters and pounds full of homeless pets. Anyway, thankfully others stepped in and all did what was best for Lucy and now Lucy is happy and healthy. And I bet Todd is glad Jacque didn't listen to him and brought Lucy home anyway! Thanks to Jacque for being our guest writer even though she didn't know you would be! Thanks to Pam for sharing this with us. Love all the great photos!

Scotti Cohn said...

What a wonderful story. I love hearing about animals whose personalities completely change when they are treated with love and affection.

Kanweienea Kreations said...

What a wonderful story indeed. Lucy seems like such an incredible dog and I'm sure that she feels that you touched her life as well. Animals have an understanding greater than most of the more important things in life.

Creative Critters said...

Lucy certainly got lucky! I can't even comprehend leaving a pet behind like that! Unfortunately this happens to a lot of animals. I'm so glad Lucy was able to find a loving home where her true personality could come out!