Tuesday, October 25, 2011

PET PROFESSIONALS 4 PET ADOPTION by Jobi of Watercolor Your World

Are you a pet professional or someone working with a group as advocates for pet adoption in your area? Did you know there is a very special organization just for you?

It is Pet Professionals 4 Pet Adoption (PP4PA), and it is a network of dedicated pet business professionals encouraging pet adoption.

Pet Professionals 4 Pet Adoption is a network of local community pet advocates who give back to their pet community in some way. PP4PA is the original networking resource for pet rescuers and community pet advocates. PP4PA makes connections in times of networking for a pet in need, or when searching for like-minded pet care services and businesses to build lasting relationships. Joining PP4PA is a great way for business owners to tell the world you are a pet adoption advocate, and lend a helping hand (or paw) whenever possible.

How did this organization come about?

A unique concept originally and fully developed by www.PetWebPro.com, PP4PA was innovated from necessity. We receive numerous emails every week for pleas to help pets in need, and we know we are not alone. We thought... what if there was a national network of pet business professionals, willing to be available to the best of their abilities to help network and advocate for pets in need? At the same time, these business owners could also promote their businesses to their local community and across the web. It is a win-win for both the businesses and for the pets in need! And so PP4PA was born.

Do you share the same ideas and philosophies about pet rescue and adoption?

To become a member, pet professionals will agree adhere to the best of their abilities to any one of the following philosophies:

1. Raise awareness about importance of pet adoption within their local communities.

2. Encourage and educate customers about the benefits of pet adoption.

3. Volunteer for local pet rescue groups or shelters or give back to the pet community in some way.

4. Promote pet adoption on their website, blog, or social media profiles.

5. Provide guidance to pet owners in need who struggle to care for their pets due to times of hardships

The good news is....

If you are a pet business owner, and you already follow one or more of the above philosophies, then you are qualified to join. As professionals, PP4PA knows everyone is very busy. They do not ask you to add to your volunteer work, but rather to keep up that good work, becoming available to the best of your ability to help network for visitors to PP4PA who could be in need.

Please visit Pet Professionals 4 Pet Adoption for more information. Joining PP4PA will help establish you and your business as a community pet advocate. Be sure to check out the website for all the info you need.

Kitty Rescued in Florida by Save Our Strays

~~Article submitted by Jobi of Watercolor Your World on ArtFire where you will find an incredible variety of artwork by this very talented artist who draws and paints with much emotion, showing her deep love and respect for all animals in the world around us. Jobi has just joined the Crafting for Animals Guild and is looking forward to being involved as a volunteer in whatever ways she can which will be easy for her since she works hard as a animal-loving volunteer with other groups already and enjoys doing so.

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