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Surprising Facts and Myths About Dogs and Debra of Sleepy Cat Designs

Recently on, I found an interesting slide presentation about myths and facts involving dogs and cats. You can find it at this link:
From that website, below you will find just a few of the most interesting ones that I especially enjoyed and which you can review now, until you have time to go through the whole thing which consists of 27 different and possibly surprising things about dogs and cats:
Dogs Can Smell DiabetesFact!! Dogs can sniff out a dangerous drop in blood sugar in a diabetic owner and alert the person to take action by pawing, licking, whining, or barking. A few dogs have even been trained and placed to work as diabetic service dogs. Their nose for low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) is correct 90% of the time, according to their trainers. Amazing!

Dogs Can Learn 250 Words - Fact!!
The smartest, best-trained breeds are similar to a 2-year-old child in their ability to understand human speech, according to researcher Stanley Coren, PhD. These dogs understand up to 250 words, while the average dog can understand 150 words. The smartest dogs are Border collie, poodle, German shepherd, golden retriever, and Doberman pinscher. Of course, almost all dog owners are going to say their dog, of any breed or mixed breed, is the smartest in the world!!
Newborn Puppies Don't WagFact!!  Puppies don't wag their tails before they are about three weeks old, with some not doing so until seven weeks old. Vets believe tiny puppies are able to wag their tails, but they're too busy sleeping and eating to bother!! As they become more alert, tail wagging starts as a kind of sign language: a peace sign to rambunctious littermates or when begging for food.

Dogs See in Black and White - Myth!! Canine researches say dogs see blue, violet, and many more shades of gray than humans. They also see better in low light and can pick up the slightest movement which makes them good hunters. They probably do not see red, orange, yellow, or green, based on examination of the color-sensitive cone cells in canine retinas.

Warm Nose, Sick DogMyth!!  The temperature of a dog's nose changes easily and is not a good sign of illness. It can be hot and dry after lying in the sun or cool and wet from dipping into the water bowl. Better signs of illness are lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting, coughing, or a body temperature above 102.5˚F on a rectal thermometer. So, what causes the wet snout? It comes from ducts that carry tears toward the nose.

Smoking Kills Cats and DogsFact!! Secondhand smoke increases the risk of at least two fatal cancers in cats: lymphoma and oral carcinoma. Housecats get a double dose of toxins by breathing cigarette smoke in the air and by licking the residue off their fur when grooming. Dogs with long noses may develop cancerous nasal tumors from living with a smoker, and short-nosed breeds are more prone to lung cancer. Another great reason to quit smoking, right?
So, there you have it...these are just a few examples of some amazing facts and myths involving the four-legged family members we cherish.
If you have been thinking of adopting a cat or dog, it's a great time to do so! Be sure to check out your local shelters where so many deserving animals are waiting for a forever home. They deserve it, and your life will be enriched beyond measure as a result. Many shelters are offering special helps and incentives to make it easier to adopt during National Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog month (October).

~~Submitted by Debra of Sleepy Cat Designs and Sew Bizzy Gifts, her two ArtFire studios where she offers a variety of affordable handcrafted items for people and pets. Her soft and comfortable safety collars are worn by kitty cats all over the world!

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