Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ludde - a big, fluffy friend!

Today's blog post is about one of my first newfies, Ludde. He has since long passed the rainbow bridge, but oh boy, do I miss him! He was certainly a BIG dog (probably was about 160 pounds or so, can't remember exactly).

I bought Ludde as a friend to my very first newfie. No one would let their dogs play with my first newf. Even though most newfies are gentle giants, they are definitely big dogs. I guess those people weren't too familiar with the awesomeness of the newfie breed...  They would all say he was too big, oh no, we can't let our dog play with him (this would hold true for dogs as big as labrador retrievers too, I'm not talking about chihuahuas here). So, I saved up and bought Ludde.

Recognize this dog from some of my artwork? Yep, the Newfoundland dog 32 portrait is a portrait I made from an old photograph of my beautiful, handsome Ludde.

What a cute dog he was, and my newfies were such good friends. When I take Cleo (my current newf) for walks now in the fall weather I see leaves blowing all over the place. Cleo, she doesn't care too much, she just looks at the leaves (although she does love to play mind you, just she isn't so interested in leaves blowing around). Whenever I see those leaves flying all over the place I think of my newfy boys and I miss them. Lots. They used to be so interested in these leaves, and I would have to hold on to the leash with all my force as they took me for leaf runs on occasions! I remember it with a smile now, it was less than fun sometimes but I never lost the leash. They would just pull me with them, let's play!!!

I would take them for walks separetely, but also together for walks so that would make for eventful fall walks sometime...

~ Gunilla Wachtel - Kanweienea Kreations

Gunilla Wachtel is a professional artist currently residing in PA. Her artwork is collected throughout the U.S. as well as internationally. She loves all kinds of animals, especially horses and Newfoundland dogs. Gunilla supports animal rescues, including different horse rescue organizations and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. For original artwork and prints from Gunilla Wachtel, check out Gunilla's Artfire Studio Kanweienea Kreations - fine art by Gunilla Wachtel.

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Debra at Sleepy Cat Designs said...

What a delightful dog your Ludde was! Even though we love all our pets, sometimes one in particular will really steal our hearts and will be a favorite! Thanks for sharing your sweet story, Gunilla.