Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dinner with the Neighbors Lifts Spirits

When you can laugh again, you know the healing has begun. We had lost one of our dogs, Xena, rather unexpectedly this August. We were stunned and very sad, because of the unexpected way it happened.

Several weeks later, we were out to dinner with our neighbors when they told us this story. In the wee hours of the morning, the guy couldn’t sleep and was sitting on his porch having a cigarette when he saw my husband set a sheet covered bundle on the back porch. He stood there surveying the back yard, then got a shovel from the shed and started digging!

The neighbor sat on his porch, in shock! Very quietly, he snuck back into his house, locked the doors and turned off all the lights. He shook his wife awake to tell her, “He went postal and killed his wife! He’s burying her out in the yard!”

All of us had a great laugh at this! What had actually happened was that Xena had died during an extreme heat wave. My husband had decided that 3 am was probably as cool as it was going to get outside, so he decided to go ahead and bury her as he couldn’t go back to sleep. That is what the neighbor saw.

I teased the guy about being "my hero" for all he did to "save" me that night! It was the first time we had laughed since losing Xena, and for us, it was the moment the healing started!

This story was submitted by Lisa Penosky of OBXPuparazzi on Artfire and OBXPuparazzi on Etsy.
Lisa is a retired nurse, and loves to sew. She enjoys creating dog bandanas and dog themed goodies for their people. She does craft shows and other dog related events.

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Debra at Sleepy Cat Designs said...

Lisa, I am so sorry about your loss of Xena in August. It is often hard to find joy in things again for a while after such serious losses in our lives. But laughter does help us heal when it's at the right times. So, I am glad you were able to see the humor in this your neighbor's assumption based on his limited knowledge of the true situation and let it help you start laughing again and start healing. Thanks for sharing.