Monday, February 6, 2012

Calicifer by Michelle of Creative Critters

Calcifer, my Maine Coone cat, is now over a year old, although he won't be mature for another two years (if ever- LOL!).  And as he's grown, so has his personality.  He's very intelligent, and I've taught him to sit, stay, come, roll over, sit up, and dance.  He catches on very quickly and almost seems to read my mind.

Calcifer across my shoulders
A new trick that HE invented is laying across my shoulders while I brush my teeth and get dressed in the morning.  Do have any idea how difficult it is to get dressed with a cat attached to your back?  He has some incredible balance and has never fallen (and of course I'm very careful when he's perched up there).

I wear contacts, and Calcifer thinks it's the most amazing thing when I put them in or take them out.  He sits on the sink and watches every move I make with such intensity!  And he always has to "help" me take a shower by hopping into the tub before I turn the water on and making sure there are no monsters lurking behind the shower curtain.  He doesn't mind getting wet either- he'll hop right into the tub as soon as I turn the shower off and sit in the puddles of water.  For fun he likes to dump his water bowl and then play in it!

Cedric, the older and much more reserved cat, just looked at his little brother like he was the silliest thing he'd seen.

Calcifer is such a love though- when he wants attention he'll come up to me and gently paw my foot or leg until I pick him up and cuddle with him.  If he wants me to play with him he sits at my feet and squeaks at me.  He doesn't really meow, but his squeaks are so cute!

Calcifer in the craft room
And his love certainly extended to his big brother.  He loved laying with Cedric and washing him, and always had to have his paws on Cedric.

Calcifer is a very "pawsey" cat- he likes to touch things.  Sometimes when he's sitting with me he'll reach up and gently touch my face with his big soft paws.  And he still only purrs when he's snuggled up in my hair.  This ball of fluff is pure love!
Calcifer and Cedric

He likes to help me when I'm creating too.  I put a chair next to mine in my craft room just for him, so he can sit there and watch me sculpt.  Sometimes he likes to lay across my shoulders while I'm sculpting.  It's like wearing a big furry scarf- LOL!  And of course he likes to help me knit and sew.  He's getting better about trying to steal the thread or yarn.  For the most part he just watches the needles move, and only occasionally tries to to steal the project I'm working on. He is definitely my own little creative critter and a full partner in my business!

My name is Michelle and I'm owned by my sweet Maine Coone Calcifer, and miss my handsome Cedric kitty who passed away last year.  I've been creating all my life and animals have always been a strong theme in my work.  At CreativeCritters you can find hand knit stuffed animals, catnip toys, a variety of sculptures and miniatures, jewelry, plush creations, and so much more.  Each item is crafted individually by hand (and new catnip toy designs are thoroughly tested by Calcifer).  Stop on by and take a look around - you're sure to find something special for yourself or your furry friends! ;-)


Debra at Sleepy Cat Designs said...

Very sweet story about Calcifer who sounds amazingly unique and lovable in so many ways! What a character...thanks for sharing.

Pam said...

I loveit! He sounds like a very special guy. And sooo smart and so much fun! Thanks for writing about Calcifer and Cedric.

Creative Critters said...

Yes, Calcifer is a very special and unique cat, that's for sure! I wouldn't know what to do without my loving furbaby!

Gilded Owl Jewelry said...

Hugs to Calcifer!