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No that isn't spelled wrong, it truly is a Nanaversary. Nanaversary is what my husband and I call the anniversary of the day that we adopted our dog, Nana. It was two years ago, on the 13th of February, we walked into Mutt Hutt on Grand Ave. in Chicago and adopted Nana from the ArfHouse Chicago Organization. That day changed not only the life of one little dog, it changed my husband's and my life too. I really don't think that we knew just what we were getting into on that day.

This photo is the one that was on the ArfHouse website when she was up for adoption. It was the photo that we fell in love with and got us to pick up the phone and fill out the paperwork. Just look at that adorable little girl.

Nana truly is a special little girl. She is a Boston Terrier, Chihuahua mixed, filled with affection, energy, and fun. She loves to go to the park and play ball, and with her other dog friends. She loves to cuddle in your lap, and fill your face with kisses.

But she is also a girl who was filled with many fears. Right from the moment we adopted her, I noticed she was timid and fearful. We would go on walks and everything scared her, noises, strange items, people, etc. Something as simple as a bag blowing in the breeze would cause her to cower and head home. Everything was a battle to overcome.

And so our journey began, I have worked really hard with her and two years later, she has come a very long way. She has grown, matured, and conquered so many of her fears. I can say, it wasn't always an easy road but it was totally worth it. As I can say, I am so proud of the girl she is today.

She has come a long way in her separation anxiety, her fear of noise, fast movement, and even her fear of people. I have learned a lot in the process too, from reading as many dog training, behavior, and psychology books I could get my hands on.

It has really enhanced my relationship with Nana as we worked through the exercises, and training programs. I love learning better ways to communicate with an animal that is so precious and dear to my heart yet speaks an entirely different language than I do.

And so, this weekend, we celebrate the Nanaversary. And I have to say, I truly love this little girl. Yes, it is true, these two years have been filled with a lot of time spent training, but she is totally worth each and every moment of that. I think that I grew just as much as she grew in this time. I learned just as much about myself as Nana learned about the world and how to be a good dog. And it is true, my husband and I had no idea what we were getting into the day we adopted Nana, but we also were missing a big part of our family until that day. For Nana is truly family and a blessing each and every day that we get to spend with her.

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Debra at Sleepy Cat Designs said...

And a big happy anniversary - make that Nanaversary - to you, your husband and Nana. Your lives are all much happier and richer because of it! I hope you have many more wonderful years together.

Creative Critters said...

Happy Nanaversary to your whole family! It's amazing how much one little furry critter can change your life!
-Michelle of CreativeCritters