Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Three Steps to Make My Cat into A Dog (a true story!) by El of Tantalizing Stitches

Luthar may have been born a cat but grew up to be a dog. How you say? First, I mandated that all dwellers of the house take a bath! After giving Luthar a bath once a week for about a month and then every other week thereafter for the first year, he became compliant. No hissing, no scratching. I was even able to take these cute little pictures.

This is how I did it. I first gave Lex (the puppy) a bath while Luthar watched. Once I dried her up, I took Luthar in the bath while Lex watched. I didn't really use soap at first because he was already clean. Once we got to the bimonthly schedule, I added some soap.

But what really made Luthar a dog was our daily walks. First, I would only take Lex for a walk and wouldn't let Luthar out of the house. I felt bad that Luthar was missing out so I purchased a very long leash (about 20 feet) and put it on Luthar. At first he found it to be a fun toy but finally, when he realized it would let him out of the house, he forgot about the leash and walked out the door. I initially kept the leash very short. But as I trusted that he wouldn't climb a tree or something similar, I let the leash out. This all happened within a couple of months. Each outing was made with Luthar on the leash and Lex off the leash. (No dog leash law in the area.)

Then, finally I had to let him free. We did our usually walk around the block and guess what! He followed. Take a look at the documented footage!

And finally, Lex and Luthar sharing the dog house!

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Debra at Sleepy Cat Designs said...

Luthar was surely no dummy! What a smart cat to figure things out so well and be able to enjoy life the way Lex did. It's always fun to see dogs and cats getting along so well. Thanks for sharing such a sweet story.