Saturday, October 27, 2012

An Opportunity Knocked

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...and I took it. I could not be more pleased.

Have you ever wanted to set up a WordPress blog/site but found it too confusing and just gave up? Or are you like me, who has used it for years but still gets into trouble trying to make changes?
Just when I think I know what I am doing, something goes wrong. I even have a name for my foibles. I call it the Internet Twitch, which is just a little more dignified than having to admit I get frustrated and push buttons I have no business pushing. When I am working with one of my WordPress sites, I can turn a 15 minute task into eight or more hours of trying to fix the dreaded 'twitch' action. So, who ya gonna call?
I am excited to tell you I found the perfect solution. I want to share it because I cannot believe I am the only one out here causing myself unnecessary grief. If you are fine, you may have a loved one, a blogging pet, or an acquaintance who could benefit from this review. No one asked me to review the company. I am a very happy subscriber.
Just who are these wonderful people?
outstandingSETUP is a small team of WordPress experts dedicated to making it easy and enjoyable for you to own and run a WordPress website. Founded in 2011 by Danny Cooper, outstandingSETUP has grown to host and support hundreds of customers and their websites.
What do they offer you?
WordPress without the worry - they are the only hosting company built for WordPress beginners. For me, the best news of all is that they will help you even if you choose not to use their servers. The price is so affordable at $19.00 a month, it is well worth peace of mind, and getting great results. All of their packages contain everything you need to be publishing online right now. WATCH THE VIDEO  to learn more.

The only disclosure I have to make is that the price will increase within the next 30 days and I do not want you to miss this opportunity if you can benefit from it.

I am on my third month as a subscriber of outstandingSetup and every contact I have made with my assigned WordPress expert has been easy, worry free, time saving, and awesome. Correspondence is done through email. You write for help and they answer in short order. One of the most impressive things is you are not sitting there waiting for long periods of time. Once they are on your case, they are on it. They stay in touch until your requests for help are accomplished.

I definitely give them the rating of 10, which stands for Outstanding!

This post provided by Jobi Harris, whose website,
features original paintings of pets, and who is a member of the Crafting for Animals Guild.

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Pam said...

Thanks for sharing, Jobi! Glad it is going well for you.