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Recupfashion: Meet Our Crafting for Animals Artist

A Bit About Nathalie and Recupefashion Nathalie Brault is the owner of Recupefashion and specializes in reduce, reuse, recycle. She has been married 20 years to a wonderful husband and has three beautiful children. She began reusing and recycling as a child when she would save bits and pieces of doll clothes, baubles, knick knacks. She loves all crafts...sewing, knitting, crocheting, jewelry making, but has discovered that sewing, crochet, and jewelry making would enable her to pay the bills.

Slideshow of Nathalie's Creations

Three of Nathalie's Dogs

As a child, Nathalie wasn't allowed to have pets where they lived, so she promised herself that once she grew up she would live on a farm with lots of animals. They don't have a farm, but a house and land large enough to have her old Standard bred horse and pony, five dogs, one cat, one budgy, two cockatoos, one guinea pig, and one rabbit. Every animals except the rabbit and guinea pig have come from an abusive home.

One night, Nathalie opened the door to let her four dogs come in, and there were five. A blond labrador had joined them. They put him back on the porch and gave him food and water. The next morning he was still there, so they decided to keep him, and everything has worked out beautifully. They named her Blondy.

About five years ago in Blainville, Quebec, about 155 Foxies were found living in a house by a man who intended to sell them. He, of course, was found guilty of negligence. The circumstances were feces three feet deep, five to seven animals in one cage, not fed nor given water. The dogs had even killed one of their own for food. They were so hungry that some had chewed off their own paws. Nathalie called the SPCA and offered to adopt one of the Foxies. The very next day they got to meet and bring home their new Foxie, and they named her Tuco. Poor Tuco choked when she ate, walked in circles, and wanted only to be held when she first arrived. She has made great progress and is a wonderful addition to the family. For anyone who wishes to see the horrible situation in which these dogs were living, here is the link:

When Nathalie finds animals in distress, she believes it is her duty and please to save them and offer them a good home for as long as she has good health and can afford it. She hopes to find a group to join to which she could contribute part of the profits from her shop.

You can find her products at the following:

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