Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 2009 Newsletter: Spay Day Everyday

Welcome to the second newsletter at Crafting for Animals (CFA)!

How was your Spay Day? If you volunteered your time and energy to help promote the spay or neutering of animals, please let me know! We'd love to write an article about it. If you haven't heard of Spay Day you can read more about it here. Make everyday Spay Day!


Please welcome 3PeepDesigns, 6060, HighStrungDesign, FrumsGlassMenagerie, UniquebyKarlee, bitspeaces, aguavino, mydoggieandme, bubblesnsuds, BlueHorseDesign, sharonfostervintage, thisisit, Dogonwear, Wovendreams, BowWowzerZ, BlackIceDesigns, and endlesswhimsy to our guild! That's a 100% increase in our membership in one month!

A Little Info from You
I'm trying to figure out how our members help animals so please take the time to reply to this email with the following information:
-Do you make items for animals?
-Do you make items specific for animal lovers?
-Do you donate a portion of your store proceeds to an animal organization?
-Do you volunteer your time to an animal organization?

Please email this info to El or send it through artfire to

Please join us in our CFA activities!


***We want to do more but we need your help to do it. Contact me if you're interested.***

  • Forum liason: Help keep a thread up in the general Artfire forum thread and spread the word about CFA!

  • Flickr group liason: Accept and invite members to join our Flickr group.

  • Help tally monthly contributions.

  • Contribute an article or host a column on our blog.

  • Administer our blog - become a blog mommy.

  • Invite your friends to join CFA.

Would you CFA to do more? If you have any ideas and suggestions, please send it to me! Better yet, offer to start the project :)
Thanks again!


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