Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chance and The Rag Rug Closet

Nancy of The Rag Rug Closet, our newest CFA member, has a great story about one of her animal encounters.

Here’s a little story about Chance: Chance earned his name the hard way. When his mommy was ready to have her puppies she decided it would be more comfortable on the bed under the blankets instead of on the floor on the pillow. As she was leaping onto the bed she delivered Chance. Chance fell back onto the pillow and lay there yelling his head off, but mommy was busy delivering his brothers and paid him no never mind.

The owners came home to hear a loud racket in the bedroom and when they got there they found a very cold, scared and angry puppy laying on the pillow. They got him onto a heating pad and a bottle of warm milk down him and he was a happy little guy. They did this for a couple days and then put him back with him mommy and brothers. As he was also the runt of the litter he had to fight his bigger brothers for milk and attention.

When I chose Chance he had just been born and I heard about his story and that he was the runt of the litter and I knew I just had to have him. He has been with me since he was seven weeks old and has stolen my heart. He’s a very special little dog and not only because of his rough start on life but also because my best friend set it up for me to get him and then a month after he came into my life she lost her battle with ovarian cancer. So, that makes him even more special. I can look at him and see Shelley and know that she helped me get him and that she’s now in a better place. I miss Shelley a lot, but I have Chance to fill the void. I look forward to reading the newsletter and seeing what other members have to say.

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