Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 2010 Newsletter: Creativity Contest, Welcome Committee, and Chance

Creativity Contest Winner!

Sorry for keeping you all hanging! The Creativity Contest winner was HillCountryCollection. Unfortunately, there was a transition in leadership at the Artfire Friends Guild, which ended up in a disconnect with our guild in the contest so I was unable to get the polling up on our website. If you entered this contest please let me know as I would like to post the entries on our blog.

Welcome Committee Chair Needed

To get new members integrated into our guild, I need one person to volunteer to send a welcome message to new members. All you have to do is visit the guild hall once a week and check to see who the new members are. Then, send them a message (form message if you prefer) to them letting them know about our blog, flickr, facebook page, etc. Without this, new members will not be able to find there way through the guild.

If you can spare five minutes a week, please volunteer by emailing .

Our New Members

Our new members are:

Please take a moment to drop by their stores and add them to your market. This way, the new members will also get to know you as well

Meet Chance: a rescued hero

Chance Last month, our newest member at the time, Nancy of The Rag Rug Closet, shared a very beautiful story about her pup, Chance, who earned his name the hard way.

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