Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 2010 Newsletter: Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

In the Northern Hemisphere, Earth Day is April 22 - today! (October 22 is Earth Day in the Southern Hemisphere.) What are you doing to celebrate? If you don't yet have plans, there is still time to make a difference. You can write a blog post about Earth Day, send a newsletter informing other people about Earth Day. Here are some things people have said they are planning to do to celebrate Earth Day:

  • Volunteer at an animal shelter
  • Adopt a homeless animal
  • Adopt a homeless adult / full grown animal <--all animals are wonderful!
  • Replace an old dishwasher with an energy star rated dishwasher
  • Advocate coworkers to recycle

New Google Group

The guild forum provided by artfire is very hard to follow so I've created a Google Group for us to use. Please feel free to join at: Anyone may join and joining is not required to remain a CFA member.

AWBAR Fundraiser

Abandoned Wild Babies Animal Rescue is hosting their 5th annual Summer Basket Raffle. If you would like to donate any of your items to the raffle, please visit their facebook event page for more details.

Our New Membersers

Our new members are:

Please take a moment to drop by their stores and add them to your market. This way, the new members will also get to know you as well

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