Monday, July 19, 2010

Jennifer Lynn Productions and S.O.S. Thrift

Jennifer of Jennifer Lynn Productions created and donated this wonderful piece called "Mermaid" Necklace to S.O.S. Thrift. For those who have never heard of the organization, it was created in response to the oil spill in the Gulf. Money raised by S.O.S. Thrift will go directly to Sea Shepherd.

I have personally worked with UberDuperCreations (one of the women running the store) when running the EFA shop so I know how trustworthy she is and how much effort she puts into saving animals. So please take a moment to check out Jennifer's product there (and even leave a comment on the blog if you like!).

"Mermaid" is a necklace [Beautifully crafted by JenniferLynn Productions, LLC] intended to evoke underwater power and romance. The elegant focal piece is flanked by blue, glass beads with accents of gold. A true treasure! The necklace is not a choker, but it is a short necklace. It measures approximately 16" (40.6cm.) "Mermaid" is strung on hemp. All of the beads are glass, and some of them are vintage.


Pam said...

Thanks for sharing this great article about how to help animals. Also, what a great necklace!

RJR said...

Beautiful necklace.