Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 2010 CFA Newsletter: Prevent Heat Stroke, Our New FB Page, Horses!

Prevent Heat Stroke

Unlike humans, cats and dogs cannot tolerate high temperatures. While humans have the capacity to release heat by sweating, these animal's primary mechanism is by panting, a less effective method. Because of this, please take extra precaution during these northern hemispheric dog days of summer.

Some tips that I have gathered from online resources include:
  • Provide water and shade to your outdoor pet (concrete ground makes it especially hot);

  • Whether you think its cool outside, do not leave your pet in the car;

  • Pay special attention to short muzzle breeds as their flat faces make panting even less effective in releasing heat;

  • More signs are available here and here.

If you suspect that your pet is experiencing heat stroke, immediately attempt to cool down your pet (hose your pet with water, place wet towels on head, neck, feet, chest, abdomen), check your pet's temperature every five minutes (normal body temperature is around 38.5-39.5C / 101-103F), and immediately take your pet to your trust vetrinarian.

Even if you have controled your pet's heat stroke, make sure to bring him/her to the vet as complications could occur days later.

August Initiative: Join Our New Facebook Page!

Its August and this month's initiative is to get our members to our Facebook page. I know many of you are on our group page but due to the FB group limitations we are transitioning to a FB fan page. Please join here.

Once you've joined please leave a message on the FB fan page wall. And, if I have never received your Artfire window, please email it to me at I am trying to get those that participate in the initiative some window time on our blog :)

Just as a reminder, each of these initiatives will be repeated beginning in January so don't feel like you have to wait until the requirements are set in place.

How About Some Horses?

Our monthly columnist, Pam of bagsandmorebypam, wrote about Horses. Did you know horses drink 15 gallons a day? I can barely get in my required daily value of 8 cups a day. Read more about Willis and Cash, the two horses Pam interviewed.

"Boston Terriers are described as The American Gentleman, affectionate, family friendly, and great with children. Eddie is all that and more, of course!

These dogs have definite white markings and range in weight from 10 to 25 pounds, with the average being 25. Eddie tips the scales at a bit more than that!" . . . READ MORE

Our New Member

Our new member is GaelicKnotStudio

Please take a moment to drop by their store and add GaelicKnotStudio to your market. This way, our new member will also get to know you as well.

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