Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tinkerbelle- A Therapy Dog Story by buttonwilloe

Buttonwilloe is very active in the artfire forums. The first time I saw her store name I asked her about the origin of the name of the store. What lead me to my curiosity was because I have passed by the city Buttonwilloe in central California. After we exchanged a few messages I read her store profile which mentioned Tinkerbelle as a therapy pet. That intrigued me so I asked her if she would share with CFA and the animal loving community about Tinkerbelle. She shared this story.


I'd like to tell you about a very special little girl in my life..she is a very special indeed. Her name is Tinkerbelle and she is an official Therapy Pet. She has a special gift of spreading joy to folks who
need it most.

I have many stories about her adventures with them. Here is one that really showed me how very special therapy pets can be.

There was a fellow a few years ago who always looked so sad. When I'd see him I would go to him and smile, say hello, and
gently touch his shoulder. He wouldn't even blink. W ouldn't say a word. This happened several times.

One day, I saw this same fellow in the hallway. Tink wa
s with me this time. I approached him and once again tried to converse with him. No response. I asked him if he liked dogs. Suddenly, he turned and looked at me. Wow! I picked Tinkerbelle up so he could see her. All of a sudden he got the biggest smile on his face and reached out to her with both hands. They became fast friends that day. Tinky touched a place in his heart that no human could.

Near the end of his life, Daddy could no longer hold tinkerbelle the way he did in the this photo.

She would lay along side him at the foot of his bed while we visited. The day before Daddy passed away, Tink was laying on the bed next to him. This time she didn't go to the foot of his bed; she scooted up closer so Daddy could pet her. She gently laid her head on his leg.
She had never done that before. It was so precious. I think she knew. Daddy passed away the next day.

I am so proud of my Tinkerbelle. She is a blessing to so many...especially to me.

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button said...

Thank you, El. Tinkerbelle and I are honored you chose to tell her story in your blog. :o) button

JLynnPro said...

Oh, Button! This is a beautiful story! What you and Tinkerbelle are doing is SO SPECIAL! Good for you!