Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tips from the Tails: A Quick Walk-Thru After Adoption with Dappy...........by Kathryn A. Gainard & Dappy

I’m guessing by now, the human side of adoption is well understood. Money, shots, licensing, blah blah blah… all the good stuff that good people know about. But, if you’ve never adopted a shelter pet before, let me tell ya, we’re a unique breed of baby!
Let me start off here by saying, patience is more than a virtue if you’re going to adopt. You have to keep in mind that a lot of us were abused, neglected, left for dead, and frankly, we don’t know which end is up when we first find our home. Give us some time. We love you already, trust me. We may hide for a few days, even… you try going from a cage to a new home, and it’s a bit overwhelming.
Secondly… we may have accidents. Now before you give up on the whole idea… don’t. Most of us are house trained. The shelter will tell you one way or another, so ask. But keep in mind, too, that if you rescue a recently, ahem, “fixed” dog, he’s gonna still have that incessant need to “mark.” Belly bands are GREAT while we’re curbing our last few days of boyhood. And some shelters will offer them if you ask. Give us a break, okay?
Another good idea is to let us meet your other babies (if there are any) in a neutral area. Less chance of the alpha dog-bully syndrome going on. Some place like a park or even a part of the yard your other babies don’t use will work. Just think: smell free.
Consistency is key. I’m going to bawl. I’m going to whine. I’m going to do everything to not do what you want me to. And frankly, hey, I don’t know you. Why should I listen? The last human that had me dumped me off, or worse. But if you’re consistent I guarantee I’ll listen. Remember patience? Yeah… consistency and patience go together like Snausages and butt rubs! Which, for the record, we never get sick of. Just keep in mind that, while I may end up being the world’s most loveable lap dog, right now, in the beginning, I’m a little scared. A little unsure. A little annoying even, though I’ll never own up to that.
Also, and this may be the most important one yet… flight risk. Like you know, some of us didn’t come from the nicest backgrounds. Horrible things may have jaded our trust in people and just because we’re having a great Hallmark moment one minute doesn’t mean something won’t startle us the next. Always keep us on a collar and leash. Do we like them? Not really… well, some of the girls may, but the guys, not so much. But do we wanna be hit by a car because we’re having a “moment”… no thanks. Things like loud cars, fireworks, other dogs barking, even thunder can scare the bejeezers out of us, so keep us on a leash. It’s best for everyone. Don’t tell the fellas I told ya that… I’m a union rep.
Lastly, I want to thank you for even considering adoption. I was lucky enough to worm my way into my foster parents’ hearts but most babies aren’t so lucky. Some will wait years for a home. Imagine… never being able to get used to a place. Always being on edge and in fear. Wanting to just love and be loved. Adoption should be the only option to people out there with the amount of animals that don’t have homes these days. So thanks for not perpetuating the puppy mill abuse and over-breeding that threatens all animals.  That’s it for now… I’m sure I’ll be back after our next union meeting. It’s a dog’s life, ya know?

Submitted by Dappy and Kate of ADyingArtCo. on ArtFire where you can find many of Kate's creative projects for people and pets, as well as at her website: ADyingArtCompanyLtd.com. Kate is a very active volunteer with the Crafting for Animals Guild and uses her talents generously to help the guild in every way she possibly can.
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Debra at Sleepy Cat Designs said...

Too cute - Dappy really tells it like it is! Thanks, Dappy and Kate!

Creative Critters said...

What a wonderful post! Dappy is a great writer and has lots of good advice for new adoptive parents (especially the part about patience!) ;-)