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From Heartbreak to Healing: a review

From heartbreak to healing
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My friends, I want to to tell you about a beautiful book, “Bill at Rainbow Bridge”. Anyone who has loved and lost a pet will find an inner peace in the writing of author, Dan Carrison. It is easy to identify with the loving connection between Bill, an English bulldog, and his human, a grown up married man named David.

“Bill at Rainbow Bridge” is a small book of 90 pages. The book introduces the reader to the Rainbow Bridge through the eyes and feelings of Bill, who reacted to his new surroundings by thinking of it as, “a dog park like no other!”

My friend Fancy, also at the Rainbow Bridge. I hope she meets up with Bill.
Back at home, David struggles with depression over the loss of his best friend, Bill. Rationalizing his emotions is impossible. How can any other person understand? David’s caring wife eventually suggests he go to counseling to help cope with his loss. He agrees and moves on to a grief-counseling group.

Throughout the book, we are taken from Bill’s experiences at the Rainbow Bridge to David’s experiences with people who really care and understand his grief – and back and forth between the two.

Carrison gives us much more insight into the Rainbow Bridge. Pet people have their own ideas of the Rainbow Bridge, but I for one, will forever see it through the eyes of Bill and David.

I highly recommend reading this book. I also recommend you have a box of tissues ready and waiting when your book arrives. After reading the book, you will probably want to keep a few copies on hand to give to friends who are struggling with their loss. None of us who love and are loved so dearly by our animals need to ever feel like we are alone.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dan Carrison is a well-known author whose books – published by AMACON and Barnes & Noble – have appeared in 23 printings and in 7 languages. He has been a nationally syndicated columnist with The New York Times Syndicate, and he is the founder of 
Ghost Writers In The Sky. Dan is also an unabashed pet lover. To learn more about the author, the book, and to make a purchase, go to Bill at Rainbow Bridge.

ABOUT THE ILLUSTRATOR: Illustrator, Peg DuVal, has worked with clients around the world. She illustrates and designs books, corporate identity packages, and original art for clothing and posters. Her current paintings and graphic design portfolio can be seen at
Peg DuVal-Art.

My disclosure: I was honored to be asked by Dan Carrison to review “Bill at Rainbow Bridge”. Aside from a copy of the book, any other compensation I received is non-material, emotional, and priceless.

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