Saturday, June 2, 2012

June and July Animal Awareness Dates

During June and July, these special days and events are taking place throughout the United States in honor of the animals we know and love.  You may be planning to participate already in some of these worthy events in your area, or you may want to plan to do so now that you have this info!

June 2012  - June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month
  4th  Hug Your Cat Day
10th  World Pet Memorial Day
19th  National Pets in Film Day
22nd  PSI International’s Take Your Dog to Work Day

July 2012 - July is Adopt a Shelter Rabbit Month
 8-14th  National Farriers Week
15th National Pet Fire Safey Day
15-21st Rabbit Week
15-21st National Zoo Keeper Week
16th National Get Out of the Doghouse Day
18th Cow Appreciation Day
21st Monkey Appreciation Day
21-22nd Celebration of Horse Day/Weekend

Submitted by Debra of SleepyCat Designs and Sew Bizzy Gifts on ArtFire where you will find all sorts of useful and affordable accessories for cats and people. Debra is a life-long supporter of animals and has a real soft spot in her heart for cats, which is why she specializes in making soft and comfortable safety collars for felines of all sizes!

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Pam said...

Thanks, Debra, for your blog post that points out the special days in June and July that relate to animals. I always appreciate knowing what days, weeks, and months are being celebrated!