Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meet Pauline from Cherry Tree

Our featured artist is Pauline Rhymes from Newbury, Berkshire, United Kingdom. Her shop is She makes unique handcrafted pottery in the cabin in her lovely garden, and this is her story in her own words.

I'm lucky that I was born at the end of World War II and remember England as a beautiful rural country. I even remember the use of horses just before tractors replaced them.

Growing up I was allowed to play in the fields that were full of flowers and wildlife and make dens in the hedges with my sister. That is no longer the case with children not allowed to roam and the wild flowers sprayed out of existence in many places.

We grew up with pet rabbits, dogs, goats, pigs, and hens. A budgie called Joey was let out to fly around the room, and I remember how painful it was when he pecked my neck! Later on I bought a 6-month old foal, straight off the Welsh Mountains and he was completely wild. I had him for 9 years until I was married with children and could no longer keep him. (No time, no money, and no field!)

Bringing up 3 children we have had the usual pets, guinea pigs, hamsters, cats and dogs. The children have flown but we still have Molly, a black Labrador who is seven years old. She has an alltergy to dust mites and the only remedy that works is rubbing a lotion I make of black tea and tea tree oil into her skin. I've read that some animals have to be put to sleep because of this allery. The mites drive the animal crazy. Hope that's a good tip for you.

I've been into arts and crafts forever, and am mostly a self taught potter. I don't use the wheel but like to make different pieces as the mood takes me. I'm very inspired by nature and mystical things. I've made pigs and goats, giraffes and lots of sheep. Sometimes I'll have a go at making a dragon or a unicorn. I don't think that any of them are perfect, but they definitely have a character of their own. Several people collect my pottery. I see a lady every year at a Christmas Craft Fair who looks to see if I've made any turtles or snakes. She told me her window sill is full of my pottery--which is nice!

I travelled to Egypt with my sister-in-law a few years ago, and we visited the Brooks Clinic in Luxor. I found it wonderful and extremely depressing at the same time. The state of the animals and how they had been treated made me cry, but the staff are doing their best to educate people to treat their animals with more respect and treat injured animals for free. The result of that visit is my wish to support the Brooke Clinic. When I sell a clay donkey , the entire purchase price is donated to Brooke. I also support the RSPCA.

Our garden has a large pond with fish and frogs and I've planted lots of bee, butterfly, and bird friendly plants. My philosophy is that we only have this one wonderful planet, and I feel we should all do our bit to protect it.
Be sure to visit Pauline's shop at, and enjoy this slideshow of some of her creations:

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Anya said...

Very nice words ^__^

Beautiful pictures.

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Thank you for the slide show. So many wonderful pieces.

Mishkat said...

Pauline's work is beautiful - and I enjoyed reading her story. The garden photos are gorgeous!

El at Tantalizing Stitches said...

thanks to bagsandmorebypam for this feature!